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Are You Looking For An Easier Way To Find The Best Combination Of Crop Insurance, Grain Marketing, And Risk Management Decisions?

  MyFarm Risk Eliminator� software takes the risk and uncertainty out of tough decisions by allowing you to test, model, and predict the outcome of any decisions before committing your dollars or bushels to someone else.    Every time you change a single number, crop insurance choice, or marketing option, the software recalculates 260 yield and price scenarios for that crop.

 The Ultimate "What-If"

Tool for Risk Management

  By looking at all your risk management options you can make better decisions and improve your profits.  Save time by letting your computer test the outcomes of your decisions.

Numbers Specific For Your Farm. 

The software creates reports specific to your farm, not a university average, magazine article, or some product brochure.  It is easy to use since it was developed, designed and written by a farmer from a farmer�s perspective.

Model Outcomes of Strategic Decisions.

Before expanding or changing your operation, see how additional ground will affect your bottom line over a broad range of yields and prices.  Visually see where your risks are and build a plan to minimize any risk and maximize your profit.

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